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    Inner Tubes - Valve Types

    Inner tubes are designed with various valve designs for different applications. When ordering your inner tube check to make sure that the tube you have selected has the correct valve for your needs. The valve for every tube in our website is also available as an image which will assist you when viewing the tube you have selected. This will enable you to clearly see the valve type you require.

    Choosing Your Inner Tube Size

    The inner tube size is almost always written somewhere on the side wall of the tyre for easy reference.

    Inner tubes typically generally state the wheel diameter and width range for which they will work, for instance 3.50/4.00-8 indicates that the tube is intended to fit a tyre with a width of between 3.50 inches and 4.00 inches, fitted to an 8 inch diameter wheel.

    We stock Inner Tubes for every application

    Wheelbarrow inner tubes, Sack Truck inner tubes, Trolley inner tubes, Tractor inner tubes, Agricultural inner tubes, Farm inner tubes, Truck inner tubes, Lorry inner tubes, Vintage Lorry inner tubes, Quad bike inner tubes, Coach inner tubes, Vintage Bus inner tubes, Golf Buggy inner tubes, Wheelchair inner tubes, Lawnmower inner tubes, Van inner tubes, Plant inner tubes, Dumper inner tubes, Forklift inner tubes, Car inner tubes, 4x4 inner tubes, Classic Car inner tubes, Trailer inner tubes, and many many more applications.

    Helpful Top Tips!

    Which Inner Tube Size??

    18 days ago

    Tyre and Inner Tube sizes can be confusing and it might not always be clear what tube goes with which tyre, but with a little help and care it is possible to quickly and easily identify the correct tyre size and get the right tube for it.

    Most Popular Inner Tubes

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    Garden Tractor & Compact Tractor
    Garden Tractor & Compact Tractor
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    Lawn Mower, Ride On Mower, Turfcare & Groundscare

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